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October 2017

Looking forward to the ATP Nitto Finals


I've always been fascinated by sportsmen, in particular the difference between the team culture of the collective and the pugilist psyche of the individual. Having worked in and around elite rugby a lot, I can't wait to see the world's top tennis players go toe to toe in London next month when the chips are [...]

Looking forward to the ATP Nitto Finals2017-10-09T19:31:43+00:00

September 2017

A decade of rugby highlights voice-over


As my former employer of 13 years, I owe a lot to World Rugby. I'll always have unforgettable memories of working at four Rugby World Cups - in Australia, France, New Zealand and England - but it was the sevens series that took me away from home more than anything else, and where I first started [...]

A decade of rugby highlights voice-over2017-11-08T15:01:13+00:00

August 2017

New: ATP Tennis Radio


Live sport. There's nothing like it on TV these days... Think about it, other than the news, what else isn't just the same on catch-up? You can try and prolong the suspense - lock yourself away in a padded room or lose your mobile phone for a few hours - but watching as the drama unfolds [...]

New: ATP Tennis Radio2017-10-09T19:15:55+00:00
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